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  • Why do you need a “people plan”?
    Getting people to work together correctly, consistently, and efficiently doesn’t just happen on its own.Simple, well-designed systems give you structure and help your team get their work done. Do you have a plan that makes that happen?
  • Why do you need a coach?
    People who achieve excellence don’t do it alone. They have a team of trusted people who help them clarify their goals, stay disciplined, and hold them accountable.Tom helps dairy managers and their teams reach their potential. Who’s helping you?
  • Why does Tom love coaching managers and training employees?
    Everyone has their “thing”. Tom is helping people become more of who they’re meant to be. He wants to make a difference, and help others do the same.
  • Why is coaching and training valuable?
    Mistakes cost a lot of time, money, and sanity. Coaching and training helps reduce costly mistakes and headaches because it helps people know what to do, how to do it, and why it’s important.
  • Why should you work with Tom?
    Working with dairy managers and their employees is what Tom does. He’s knows what works and what doesn’t. He’ll help you fast-forward past many years of costly lessons that you’d have to learn the hard way.Tom’s clients don’t hire him because he’s cheap. They continue working with him because he helps them get results.

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On-Site Training & Consulting

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Do you have a hard time saying ‘No’ and then end up with too many things on your plate? Yeah, so does Tom.

For that reason, Tom’s client schedule is “officially full” and he’s currently not accepting any new clients. Nonetheless, he’d still like to help you become a better boss, and help your employees understand why they need to follow your protocols. Check out all the employee management tools and advice available throughout the site.

If you’re willing to wait patiently, email Tom directly and he’ll let you know when the next opening in his schedule becomes available.

Speaking & Seminars

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Tom Wall Dairy Coach Training and Public Speaking

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Are you planning a conference and looking for boring speakers to stand at a podium and read from their slides?

If so, Tom’s NOT your guy. Tom combines energy and expertise to keep his audiences engaged and entertained.

Most conference-goers don’t want to hear the same tired info they’ve heard before. They’re looking for practical solutions they can implement once they’re back at home. And that’s exactly what they’ll get if you choose to hire Tom.

Whether he’s in front of a large group in England or in a small workshop in Wisconsin, Tom will challenge your attendees to improve themselves and their team.

If you’re interested in adding him to your upcoming conference’s line-up, contact Tom directly here.

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The Dairy Coach videos are a very useful tool to us here.  It was surprising to me that even some of our longest employees learned something from them.

- Butch Guenther, Double S Dairy, LLC

Working with Tom has really helped make our milking routine more consistent and efficient, while also reducing our Somatic Cell Count.

Adding the Dairy Coach videos to our training protocol has made our lives so much easier.

The new employees know what we are trying to achieve before they even start working and they catch on to the milking routine a lot faster.

- Corey Lobner, Tri-Star Dairy, Inc.

The milking procedure video was great! That will be my first milker training video for new employees from now on.  And, we were pleasantly surprised with our employees’ reaction to the safety video… our team is actually excited about the Dairy Coach videos!

Combined with a few other changes, this "program" has changed our farm around in the last 4 weeks… thank you!

- Laura Finger, Finger Family Farms

We try not to make too many changes when it comes to our prep procedures, but we knew we needed to improve milk let-down and parlor throughput.

In less than one hour of training our new milking routine with Dairy Interactive, our entire team learned it and had it in place by the next milking.  Hands-on management and follow-through has kept it working ever since.

- Yogi Brown, Sunburst Dairy, LLC

The Dairy Coach videos about safety and milking procedures have helped our employees to be more conscientious with their decisions and efficient in the parlor. And, the advice and coaching Tom provides our team has been instrumental to our dairy.

With his training, it is simple for our employees to comprehend and obtain more knowledge. Tom’s passion for the dairy industry inspires not only me, but all of our employees too.

- Michelle Gaeu, Park Avenue Dairy, LLC

The Dairy Coach videos have been great for communicating important details with all our employees. I think the visuals and the messages are excellent and even somewhat entertaining… they make it easier for our employees to understand their better.

Training our employees with the Dairy Coach videos has made my job easier and our team more effective.

- Kyler Ohlde, Ohlde's Dairy, Inc.

Dairy Interactive has made training new milkers a lot easier.  Now we can show new milkers our milking routine with a laptop, without taking up a lot of our milkers’ time in the parlor.  And since the software is the same every time, we always know what our new milkers were trained.

I’m glad we have Dairy Interactive, it’s a really good tool.

- Craig Carncross, Wargo Acres, Inc.

We've really enjoyed the DVDs. They have helped us communicate a consistent message clearly, despite the language barrier. We also appreciate the emphasis on the "Why," as we think it helps our employees to become better thinkers and work more like owners.

- Paul S.

I was skeptical of training our milkers with a software program at first.  But after one of our new milkers watched Dairy Interactive, he commented “It’s just the same routine over and over again?”  I wonder how long it would have taken him in the parlor to pick up on that?!

Getting the point across about consistent udder prep is a lot easier when our milkers can visualize our routine with Dairy Interactive.

- Brian Staudinger, Blue Royal Dairy LLC